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NatAllegra - The kids & Family Club in DÜSSELDORF

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NatAllegra Kinder & Familien Club

Welcome to Dusseldorf


In the most beautiful city on the Rhine, at a quiet and pleasant location in the heart of Düsseldorf Niederkassel, the first NatAllegra Children & Family Club made its roots. 

The club


Here, children can expect absolutely new dimensions of leisure activities in breathtaking, light-flooded premises covering more than 450sqm.


In addition to the spacious game landscapes with unique indoor slides, innovative learning stations, and special rooms for the numerous courses on offer, the Kids Club also offers a workspace area that parents will love. 

NatAllegra Kinder & Familien Club
NatAllegra Indoor Playground

Privat & familiar


The club in Düsseldorf is private and therefore offers a safe and intimate atmosphere. Since all our Kids & Family Clubs are bilingual, our young professional team speaks English and German

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