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Alternative to International School in Düsseldorf - NatAllegra Kids & Family Club

Many expat families in Düsseldorf are looking for alternatives to international schools to provide their children with a quality education. The NatAllegra Kids & Family Club offers a unique and holistic course offering that ranges from creative activities like music and art to sports, movement, and language courses. The courses are led by experienced play buddies who cater to the individual needs of the children. The club's private club concept focuses on the well-being of the entire expat family, with an parents' lounge and a safe and supportive environment for children. The club's sustainability approach, working only with partners who share ethical values, is another advantage. In contrast to international schools, the NatAllegra Club offers a more flexible structure, with parents deciding which courses their children attend and how often. In summary, the NatAllegra Kids & Family Club in Düsseldorf is an excellent alternative to international schools, providing a high-quality, safe, supportive, and sustainable environment for children.

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