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The NatAllegra Children and Family Club will open in Düsseldorf in 2023

The Concept

The NatAllegra Children & Family Club offers a unique experience for children up to 7 years old and their parents in a safe, inspiring environment. The exclusive, private club aims to provide the highest level of education for children during their formative years, while the whole family benefits from more flexibility and a sense of community.

The Club

The modern, designer-designed facilities of the NatAllegra Children & Family Club offer a variety of courses and interactive, development-enhancing activities for children. Members enjoy flexible opening hours, the ability to drop in at any time, and a colorful selection of themed events that make the club a special place for families.

Play, Fun & Development

Children benefit from a daily changing course program that allows them to discover and develop their talents in areas such as dance, music, art, sports, cooking, and STEM activities. The spacious, light-filled play and learning oasis offers them a modern environment where they can develop and socialize. The playbuddies support the children in discovering, learning, and socializing, and special highlights such as Disney days, dinosaur hunts, or superhero championships invite them on a great imaginary journey.

Parent Community

While the children play and learn, mothers and fathers can relax, exchange ideas, or work in the separate parent lounge. The NatAllegra parent community has the motto: more flexibility, more fun, more knowledge, and above all many new and interesting acquaintances. Regular events promote the exchange of experiences and the forging of new friendships among like-minded people.

The Background

The NatAllegra Children & Family Club was created out of pure passion. The main goal for the founder was to create a safe and familiar place where fun, entertainment, and the development of the whole family come first. In search of the ideal concept for NatAllegra, Natalia was inspired by the highest standards in the field of family and private clubs during her temporary stay in international and prestigious hotspots such as London and Monaco. As she could not find such a place for her own little daughter in Germany, she decided to create one herself. In this way, she now wants to provide other families with a modern alternative to today's ordinary child care centers and leisure facilities.

The NatAllegra Children & Family Club is the perfect place to enjoy family life to the fullest. With an innovative range of leisure activities and an inviting atmosphere for parents and children, the club is a second home for the whole family. Discover NatAllegra and experience play, fun, and personal development in a loving environment.

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