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The NatAllegra Kids & Family Club: A home away from home for the whole family.

The NatAllegra Children & Family Club offers a unique experience for children up to the age of 7 and their parents. In a safe and inspiring environment, children can enjoy their most formative years at the highest level, while the whole family benefits from more flexibility and a dedicated community.

The daily changing course program offers children numerous opportunities to develop their talents freely. Whether it's dance, music, art, sports, cooking, or STEM activities - the offering is colorful and diverse. As an international children's club, NatAllegra places importance on bilingualism, so some activities also take place in English.

The modern play area, developed by designers, invites children to dream and discover. In the spacious, light-flooded play and learning oasis, every inch is thought out to make children's eyes sparkle. The PlayBuddies support children in discovering, learning, and socializing, while parents can relax, exchange ideas, or work in the separate parent lounge.

NatAllegra is a private club exclusively accessible to members. With long opening hours and the option to drop in at any time, families enjoy maximum flexibility. Parents benefit from regular events and a unique community that helps them build new friendships and exchange experiences.

The music room, sports room, open play area, soft play area, and imaginary room offer children countless opportunities to try out and be creative. Special highlights include themed events such as Disney Days, Dinosaur Hunt, or Superhero Championships, where children are invited on a great fantasy journey.

The NatAllegra Parent Lounge is a feel-good place for mothers and fathers to relax and exchange ideas over healthy drinks and wake-up drinks. The motto of the NatAllegra parent community is: more flexibility, more fun, more knowledge, and above all, many new and interesting acquaintances.

The NatAllegra Children & Family Club in Düsseldorf sets new standards for children's courses and family offers. Here, little friends meet and experience a magical time that not only brings them a lot of joy but also supports their development of social skills. Discover NatAllegra - the second living room for the whole family!

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