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  • What is the NatAllegra Kids & Family Club?
    The NatAllegra Children & Family Club offers fun and learning in an inspiring and discreet environment with designer spaces for members. The diverse and unique activities & courses promote the development of children up to the age of 7. While the children can explore various areas and are entertained by Play Buddies, parents can relax and socialize in the cozy parents' lounge. The flexibility for members is reflected in the unrestricted coming and going during opening hours, allowing families to optimally adapt their visit to their daily routine.
  • What activities does the club offer?
    From musical discovery journeys, creative art projects, and high-energy dance classes to athletic challenges, educational cooking experiences, and fascinating science and technology workshops - there is something for everyone's taste. Additionally, we invite children to exciting fantasy journeys and themed days, where they can experience unforgettable adventures. In addition to the organized courses and events, there are also open play areas for children of various age groups to unleash their creativity and make new friendships.
  • What are Play Buddies exactly?
    Our Play Buddies are our pride and joy. They are playmates who are there for the children at the NatAllegra Club. They encourage children to explore, learn, and socialize, and stand out with their positive energy, charisma, and creativity. The Play Buddies know how to motivate and inspire children in a playful way, helping them discover and develop their skills and talents. They are important role models for the children at the club and contribute to creating a safe and supportive environment for them to thrive in.
  • What age is the NATALLEGRA Children & Family Club suitable for?
    Our Kids Club is for children up to 7 years old. The parent community has no age limit.
  • Are there events for parents too?
    Yes, events and activities are regularly offered for parents as well. The offerings range from regular morning cafe/smoothie meet-ups to guest speakers, pop-up events, and after-work drinks and networking events. The focus is on creating a family-like atmosphere among the parents. These events provide parents with the opportunity to connect with one another, share experiences, and support each other
  • Are drinks and food offered in the club?
    We have a wide range of delicious hot, cold, healthy & refreshing drinks. NatAllegra is not currently serving food.
  • Does the club also offer activities during the school holidays?
    Yes, we offer daily courses and events during the school holidays as well. In addition, we organize special themed camps for holiday periods and extended weekends at an extra cost, to provide children with a diverse and exciting program.
  • Are there activities for unaccompanied children?
    In principle, at least one legal guardian must always be present at the NatAllegra Children & Family Club. However, during the children's courses, the children are engaged with the Play Buddies, so parents do not have to be directly involved in the activities. For adults, there is a cozy parents' lounge available. In addition, there are events such as children's cinema, mini-disco, etc., where parents do not have to be present.
  • Are there special courses for girls or boys?
    Some courses are specifically designed for girls, such as "Fashion Queens", "Princess Hours" or "Jewelry Making". Here, girls can get creative and improve their crafting skills. For boys, there are also offerings like "Becoming an Action Hero" or "Car Workshops", where they can develop their technical skills. These events provide children with the opportunity to come together in gender-specific groups and have fun together. However, most activities at the club are gender-neutral, so all children are welcome.
  • Where is the NatAllegra club located?
    NatAllegra will open in the heart of Düsseldorf Oberkassel. The exact location in Frankfurt and Munich will be announced soon.
  • Can I attend events as a non-member?
    The club facilities and events are exclusively reserved for members in order to ensure the privacy of our members.
  • Is there a sibling discount?
    We offer special conditions for families with up to 3 children. Pricing starts from €1,350 per month based on 12 months.
  • How will I be informed about upcoming events and activities?
    Weekly schedules are posted in the club to provide information on upcoming activities and events. In addition, we communicate exciting topics quarterly in advance. For even closer networking and information exchange, members can also join our WhatsApp group.
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